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One of the most effective products used for the cleaning of the mouth, is mouthwash. These antiseptic liquids, have the primary purpose of entirely cleaning the mouth, usually done after flossing and brushing. Mouthwashes are usually used by adults; however, multiple ranges of this product are also made usable for teens and children, customizing it to their preference and requirements.


Mouthwash mainly consists of antiseptic elements, for killing of harmful bacteria and acting as a cleaning agent. Moreover, main ingredients of the mouthwash include menthol, thymol and eucalyptol and other essential oils, as scent. These scents ensure that the breath is clean and removes all types of unwanted odour.

Furthermore, cleaning substances such as alcohol and chlorine are also actively used in the making the mouthwash, for the main purpose of entirely cleaning the mouth and teeth, leaving almost no harmful bacteria behind.

How to use Mouthwash

People usually ask whether the mouthwash is used before or after brushing and flossing the teeth. Dentists recommend the using of mouthwash after the brushing/flossing of teeth, as this is more effective because primary cleaning is done by the bristles of the toothbrush, and the mouthwash acts as the final cleansing process.

To use a mouthwash, firstly, pour the mouthwash into a cup, or a mini glass. The lid of the mouthwash can also be used. An amount of approximately 4 tablespoons, should be gathered and then put in the mouth. Then, the user should ensure the liquid reaches every part of the mouth through internal movements of the mouth.

This process should be repeated, until the thirty seconds are over. You then spit out the mouthwash, and you may cleanse your mouth, rinse and gargle with normal tap water. You will be feeling sensation of a cooler, fresh breath and your mouth being extremely clean.

It is important to realize here that the mouthwash for cleaning isn’t enough, and brushing the teeth is the most efficient and important task of mouth cleaning. The mouthwash mainly enhances the cleaning process for effective cleaning, therefore should be done afterwards.

Precautions While Using Mouthwash

Mouthwash contains high amounts of chlorine and alcohol. These both shouldn’t be ingested as these can disrupt your immune system due to their chemical properties. Moreover, people who have allergies should also stay away from mouthwash and contact their dental expert with mouthwash alternatives.

Furthermore, quantity should be kept in mind while using mouthwash. Using too much mouthwash; more than twice per day and using more liquid per usage can be risky too, may lead to ingestion through which skin and tongue, as well as gums can be affected. As effective as it is, mouthwash should definitely be used but quantities should be limited as per your dentist’s recommendation.

Enziclor Mouthwash

One of the most prominent mouthwashes available to the general public is enziclor mouthwash. This readily available product is available at all pharmacies and retail grocery stores internationally. It consists of the main active ingredient called ‘Chlorhexidine’ which is a disinfectant. The germs and harmful bacteria are heavily removed due to this active ingredient; which further helps in the consumer of this mouthwash staying away from dental diseases such as ulcers and gum diseases.

Most mouthwashes as products consist of multiple combinations of various ingredients. The formula, used for the formation and development of Enziclor mouthwash, consists of the right ratios for every ingredient, making it one of the most effective mouthwashes in its product range. The fact that this is recommended by dentists and dental experts all over the world, ensures that this product is fit to use for the customer.


  • Can all age groups use mouthwash?

No. Mouthwash has certain ingredients such as chlorine and alcohol, which is not suitable for children. Adults and teens can use mouthwashes only. Moreover, risks of ingesting and swallowing are attached with younger age groups, therefore should be restricted to adults and teens only.

  • Should I Use mouthwash before or after brushing?

For maximum effectiveness, its best to use mouthwash after cleaning the teeth. The bristles of the toothbrush mainly clean the enamel of the tooth, and swap out the food/debris, which is effective. The mouthwash comes second that cleans the mouth fully, as a liquid ingredient which reaches to places where the toothbrush could not. The combination of the two is required for optimal dental health.

  • Is Mouthwash enough for mouth cleaning?

No. Mouthwash and tooth brushing, both are required for active cleaning. Despite the fact that the mouthwash can reach places where the toothbrush cannot, it is still important to have proper cleaning achieved through the tooth brush first, as it brushes out the bacteria, and polishes the enamel. The usage of both is required.

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