Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces/Aligners are used to align teeth over a period of time. Over the years, metallic braces were prominent that were worn for the day’s period time, apart from when sleeping or chewing and eating, for them to be removed so that debris may not get stuck in between.

Modern day technology and advancement has led to the usage of invisible braces and aligners that make them visibly more pleasing to be worn for people.

What do Invisible Braces / Aligners Do?

Invisible dental teeth brackets aligners braces retainers

Wrong alignment of the teeth, genetically, is a problem that needs fixing with time. As teeth may be in the wrong shape, or wrongly facing a certain direction, chances of bad bites, pain and chewing problems exist for people. Braces act as a pulling force that consistently apply pressure to the teeth, aligning them at the right place for them to be placed correctly with time. This is a process that takes years to fully heal with, and once complete, the teeth are aligned to function at their best potential. However, precaution and care is also attached with the duration of this process, as external placements of braces and aligners require appropriate care as maintenance.

The Application Process

The process of getting the invisible braces/aligners is diagnosed by your dentist, in which alignment of the teeth require fixing. The patient may sense certain pain and discomfort and address them to the dentist to which it is consulted that braces should applied.

Invisible Braces

Firstly, the cleaning process is ensured where all bacteria is removed entirely. It is also ensured that all debris and food leftover are completely cleaned. Then, the adhesive for sticking is applied to the teeth to attach the brackets within the dental arch. Arch wires are then inserted into the brackets, for them to bind with the metal wire.  It is then secured from opposite ends and this ensures the completion of braces application on the patient. The wire is stretched to slowly move the jaw with teeth to adequate positions.

There may be discomfort during this process as tongue to cheek rubbing may take quite frequently, and this sensation may seem new, but patients get used to it within a period of a few days.

Precautions After Getting the Invisible Braces

High level of precaution is advised once the patient gets invisible braces.

Brushing should be at a certain angle, usually above the gumline so that it does not intervene with the metal wires of the braces. Moreover, cleaning should be ensured where the brackets are placed as food and debris is trapped in this area which requires thorough cleaning.

Moreover, you may continue to use mouthwashes and rinsing as usual. Braces don’t affect the liquid application for dental cleaning, and you should also ensure that thorough rinsing and cleaning is observed after brushing the teeth, for adequate and required levels of cleaning.

Invisible Braces

As far is eating and chewing is concerned, it is advised to take those extra precautionary steps while eating and staying away from foods. Crumbly food is not recommended and it may lead to leftovers accumulating in the teeth. Moreover, staying away from hard, sticky food is also advised as its consumption may lead to pressure to the teeth. It is important to understand that during the entire teeth-aligning process, there is a certain pressure involved for the tooth to reclaim a certain position, and any sort of hard foods would interfere and halt the process. Soft, easy to chew foods may be consumed in usual amounts.


1)When Do I Need Braces/Aligners?

For people who are facing discomfort and pain, due to a wrong shape of teeth placement aligned with the jaw may analyze the need to get braces. Moreover, one may feel the need to get braces if they feel like their teeth are affecting their physical appearance.

2) How are invisible aligners better than ordinary aligners?

Invisible braces are preferred due to the enhanced physical attributes they provide to the teeth. Some people may find braces physically un-attractive, and the fact that these options are available in invisible options, completely eradicate this concern of not being physically pleasing. In short, as they are not visible at all, people don’t shy away from wearing braces and aligners.

3) Are braces painful to wear?

As the primary motive for braces are to apply pressure, moderate and bearable discomfort is attached to it. However, as this is a process that has dexterity attached, the person wearing the braces gets used to it in a few days’ time.

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